LaDale Winling is an associate professor of history at Virginia Tech. His specialties are U.S. urban history, digital history, and public history.  

His first book, Building the Ivory Tower: Universities and Metropolitan Development in the Twentieth Century, is published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.  His digital project examining the Home Owners' Loan Corporation and redlining, Mapping Inequality, was released in the Fall of 2016 in collaboration with scholars at the University of Richmond, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland.  His new digital project, Electing the House of Representatives, 1840-2016, was released in October 2018.

Winling is currently researching a book on real estate and finance in 1930s Chicago, and developing a digital project on urban political history.  This site is the successor to  If you are interested in HOLC redlining, please see this page and visit the Mapping Inequality site.  Other resources from Urban Oasis are being incorporated into this site.